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Over 90% of  people with high blood pressure are diagnosed as having what is referred to as  Primary or Essential Hypertension. This type of hypertension has no identifiable medical cause. As doctors do not have the time or resources in order to address the underlying emotional and or lifestyle issues they can only work to manage the symptoms For many people this means a lifetime of medication, uncertainty and worry about their future For those who are willing to take action to help themselves however, there is an alternative. As a certified Hypnotension Practitioner I will work with you to identify and address the contributory emotional and lifestyle factors that are unique to you. Using hypnotherapy, cognitive techniques and behavioural coaching we will work together to help you lower your blood pressure or even return it to normal levels. We will work alongside your GP to help you back to better health and as your blood pressure reduces your GP may decide, over time, to reduce your medication If you have been diagnosed with Primary (Essential) Hypertension then The Hypnotension Programme may help you to take back control and ensure that high blood pressure is a thing of the past. Think about this..... even if worst case you only managed a reduction of 2.5/1.5mmHg using The Hypnotension Programme, it would still drastically reduce your risk of dying from a stroke by 12-14% and heart disease by 9-10% . Most people achieve much more than that 10, 20 or even 30 mmHg . Buy At Amazon

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