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Emotional Trauma Resolution Programme.

The Emotional Trauma Resolution Programme has been developed to help those people, still suffering today as a result of a traumatic event or events from the past. These can include rape, domestic violence, physical abuse or bullying, severe illness or accident, natural disasters, witnessing an act or acts of violence etc. Some of the symptoms which often accompany trauma can include, Flashbacks, irritability, anger, avoidance, problems sleeping or distressing dreams, self-blame, hyper-arousal, panic attacks.

Simply put, the Emotional Trauma Resolution Programme, painlessly strips away the emotional component of the traumatic memories so that they no longer trigger the fight or flight response in the individual. This allows the memory of the event to be recalled without the usual automatic response.

Many people find it difficult to believe, that something which has caused so much distress for many years, can be addressed so effectively, allowing them to feel in control of their life once more, no longer feeling at the end of a roller coaster of emotions, which they have no control over.

Gwynedd Hypnotherapy is compiling a list of case studies on various subjects, to be included as part of their training of future Clinical Hypnotherapists. To this end, we are offering 5 Free programmes to help those most effected by emotional trauma, in exchange for your permission to include your case in our training and future advertising (names can be changed if requested).

To apply for your free Emotional Trauma Resolution Programme simply complete the online application form below.

5 people will be selected for a free programme and the first 100 people to apply will receive a 25% off voucher as a thank you for your time.




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