ETRP-1 Emotional Trauma Resolution Programme
End your suffering and free yourself of those past Emotional Traumas

Emotional Trauma Resolution Programme.

The Emotional Trauma Resolution Programme has been developed to help those people, still suffering today as a result of a traumatic event or events from the past. These can include:

      • Rape,
      • Domestic violence,
      • Physical abuse
      • Bullying,
      • Incidents experienced by front line emergency services 
      • Car accident,
      • Natural disasters,
      • Witnessing an act or acts of violence etc.
Some of the symptoms which often accompany trauma can include
      • Flashbacks
      • irritability,
      • anger,
      • avoidance,
      • problems sleeping
      • distressing dreams,
      • self-blame,
      • hyper-arousal,
      • panic attacks.


Simply put, the Emotional Trauma Resolution Programme, painlessly strips away the emotional component of the traumatic memories so that they no longer trigger your fight or flight response. This allows the memory of the event to be recalled without the usual automatic reaction.

You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that something which has caused you so much distress for many years, can be addressed so effectively, allowing you to feel in control of your life once more, no longer feeling at the end of a roller coaster of emotions, which you have no control over. Another important benefit of the techniques used is that the therapy can be conducted " content Free ". This means that you do not need to divulge intimate details of the action or event to the therapist in order for the process to work.


I offer a free 30 minute consultation (face to face or over the telephone) where we can discuss your specific situation. I will walk you through my suggested method of addressing your issue and answer any questions you may have. If at the end of the consultation you feel that we could work effectively together, we would go ahead and schedule your first appointment. If on the other hand you decide not to proceed or would like time to consider your options, the session ends and there is nothing to pay. 

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